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Vapor recovery unit

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Vapor recovery unit

       As highly volatile liquid, oil products (especially gasoline) is easy to generate a great amount of vapor during the shipping and loading/unloading process. GB 20950-2007 “Emission standard for air pollutants for oil reservoir” has defined detailed specification for the vapor recovery unit to be installed in gasoline handling site such as terminals, oil refinery, oil dock and etc. and therefore, it is imperative to install vapor recovery unit.

QIYAO ENERGY adopts adsorption type vapor recovery process and is to provide high quality vapor recovery unit and related technical service. By changing over 99% composition in the vapor into liquid product, Such technology can effectively prevent the hazard caused by direct discharge of vapor into atmosphere, recover useful products and create considerable benefits for user and therefore, is widely applicable in various case with volatile gas to be recovered.

    It is featured by low emission concentration, reduced energy consumption. Low noise, maintenance free, extended service life, automatic release and easy installation, and is the preferred solution for the vapor recovery during the loading/unloading process at the gate of oil terminals. (Patent No.:ZL 2008 2 0055245.4) 

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