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Combined pulverized coal burner

     The Combined Pulverized Coal Burner, developed by SMDERI, integrates ignition, start-up and process burners as a whole and has the three-in-one function of flame detection, live video & temperature measurement. The mixture of oxygen & steam is mixed with the pulverized coal delivered by airstream at the outlet of the combined burner and atomized completely, and then is sent to the chamber of gasifier for redox reaction under the temperature of 1450-1650℃ and the pressure of 4.5Mpa to produce syngas mainly composed of H2 and CO.

  • ◇  Be installed at the top of a top-injected coal gasifier;

    ◇  Stable & reliable ignition, complete combustion;

    ◇  Over 2 year’s service life for main burner;

    ◇  Water cooled wall: no scour, good slag performance;

    ◇  Applications: various types of top-injected pulverized coal gasifier.

  • ◇  Ignition success rate: over 98%;

    ◇  Service life of main burner: over 2 years.

  • ProjectUpgrade of combined burners for 2000T/d coal gasifier and supply of combined burner for 2200T/d coal gasifier

        The 4,000,000T/y Coal-to-Oil project includes 28 Gasifiers. SMDERI supplied 4 units of combined burner for Ningmei Gasifiers and replaced the other 24 units of imported burners by localized combined burners.

  • Top-spray pulverized coal gasifier uses a top-positioned combined burner, where the ignition burner and the main burner are combined together, to achieve the functions of ignition, fuel-delivery and operating.

    At the burner outlet, the combined pulverized coal burner sufficiently mixes and atomizes the oxygen and steam mixture with the pulverized coal carried by the flow. Gasification reactions take place in the combustion chamber of the gasifier at a temperature of 1450 ~ 1650 and pressure of 4.0 4.5MPag to produce the raw gas mainly consistingof hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

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