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Shell pulverized coal gasification burner

    Shell Pulverized Coal Gasification Burner is to deliver the reaction-media, including pulverized coal, oxygen and steam, etc., into the gasifier for atomization under high temperature and high pressure to realize the high effective syngas production. The burners are symmetrically arranged at the lower side of the chamber with quantity of 4 or 6 units as usual depending on the coal feed capacity.

    The pulverized coal sprays out from the central tunnel of burner, while oxygen and steam sprays out from the outer circle tunnel. An out cooling water jacket is provided to retain the cooling & heat transfer effect and improve service life. The burner makes the pulverized coal to be combusted in a hedge & tangential way to improve the burning efficiency and syngas composition. 


  • ◇  Be symmetrically arranged at the lower of the chamber;

    ◇  A hedge & tangential combustion way to improve burning efficiency and syngas composition;

    ◇  The delivery & burning sections are of excellent resistance against high temperature, oxidization and corrosion, so that the burner can keep long term operation under severe condition like high temperature, high pressure and high oxygen concentration;

    ◇  Be used for Shell Gasifier.

  • ◇  Service life of cooling water jacket: over 6 months;

    ◇  Service life of burner: over 24 months;

    ◇  Syngas composition: over 93%.

  •    Typical case: Upgrade project of 260,000T/y methanol & water-enriched  coal gasification at Yunnan Yuntianhua Co., Ltd.

        In May of 2009, SMDERI was awarded to develop & supply the pulverized coal burners for the upgrade project of 260,000T/y methanol & water-enriched coal gasification at Yunnan Yuntianhua Co., Ltd., which is the first time for Yuntianhua to replace the imported burners by local made burners. In Nov of 2010, SMDERI supplied 8 sets of pulverized coal burner and 2 sets of burner head as spare parts, which have been working perfectly until now. Its service life has been longer than the imported burner. 

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