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Sulfur acid gas furnace burners

In recent years, with the exploration of sulfur contained crude oil and natural gas resources and the stringent environmental standards, the sulfur recovery industry has experienced a rapid development. Sulfur recovery unit has become an indispensable supporting part in many petrochemical companies. Sulfur burner is a key device in the sulfur recovery process, which is used to recover the sulfur in the sour gas containing hydrogen sulfide. At present, the sour gas burners in large-scale sulfur recovery unit are usually imported from foreign suppliers, which calls for domestic alternatives.

By creatively using the adjustable swirling angle technology of the combustion air, the sulfur acid gas furnace burners developed by SMDERI can modify the air swirling angle according to the process gas composition. Therefore sour gas containing ammonia, heavy hydrocarbons and etc. can be well handled to meet the industrial design requirements of ammonia combustion. The product has such advantages as high combustion temperatures, high intensity mixing, and controllable residence time.

  • Well-designed burner internal structure, high flame intensity, better mixing of sour gas and air;

    Capable of burning acid gas containing ammonia, heavy hydrocarbon or other impurities while controlling the shape of the flame, so that it matches with the furnace structure, reducing the operating resistance;

    Optimized air distribution structure to form a stable combustion flame controlling the combustion temperature and reducing NOX emissions at the same time; stable and reliable vibration-free operation and long-term burner operation without burning out.

  • Load turndown ratio up to 1: 5 or more; under normal operating conditions, noise is no greater than 85dBA at a distance of 1 m away from the burner and NOx emission is no higher than 100mg/Nm3 (dry basis); the combustion temperature in the chamber is higher than 1300C with residence time greater than 1 second; the value of the residual ammonia at the inlet of the waste heat boiler is less than 50ppm.


     Typical Project: Sinopec Jiujiang Company Oil quality upgrading project  sour gas furnace burners for 70000+70000 tons/year sulfur recovery combined unit

      Sinopec Jiujiang Company is striving to make the oil quality upgrading project as a benchmark of the 'twelfth five’ in the refinery reconstruction engineering. SMDERI took on many tasks of the project, of which the 70000+70000 tons/year sulfur recovery unit sour gas burner design and manufacture is an important part.

    Summarizing different design concepts, SMDERI has developed a unique domestic technology and reasonably designed the burner structure based on the process requirements. With further control in the critical manufacturing and test links, the innovative sulfur burners have been successfully manufactured and finally put into operation.

    The success of the project marks that the company’s sour gas burner technology has reached an advanced level domestically. The product filled the gap of large sour gas burners design and manufacturing in the petrochemical and coal chemical industry, enriched the product range, enhanced our position and influence in the burner industry, laid a solid foundation to develop diversified burners and improved the market competitiveness of our company.

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