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Heat exchanger

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Plate & shell heat exchanger

The Plate & shell heat exchanger satisfies very exacting requirements in relation to process reliability. The plate of the heat exchanger are welded into a pack and mounted in the fully welded or demountable pressure vessel. The heat exchanger is reliable in both high pressure and temperature requirements by the design. Media are fed in the ports on the pressure vessel. The position of the ports can be determined by customer requirements.

The plate & shell heat exchanger is rated for operating temperature of -200 to 900and pressure of up to 100 bar. The plate & shell heat exchangers are widely used in industry, refrigeration power generation and chemical industry. The plate & shell heat exchanger is designed to accord with technical requirements and minimize running costs at the same time.




  • No gaskets or brazing

    Strong and safe construction

    Unique Protection and Resistance to Thermal and Pressure Cycling

    Thermal Efficient

    Compact and Low weight

    Flexible Construction

    Reliable Technology

    Low Fouling

    Minimal Maintenance Requirement

    Close Approach Temperature

  • Area: 1~1000m2

    Temperature: -200~900

    Pressure: F.V.~20MPa

  • Typical caseLow temperature hot water power generation of oil quality upgrading project of SinoPec Jiujiang Company

          The 8MT/year oil quality upgrading project of Sinopec Jiujiang Company supplies low temperature hot water (incoming water temperature 95 , return water temperature 70 ) at a flow of 780 ~ 830t per hour, which can be transformed into considerable energy savings. The waste heat of the low temperature hot water can be used to generate electricity by ORC technology. SMDERI offers 8 Plate & shell heat exchangers to Sinopec Jiujiang Company. With the advantage of high heat transfer efficiency, low end temperature, light weight, small size, less working fluid filling, etc, the Plate & shell heat exchangers, when used in ORC technology, effectively reduces the ORC unit area, improves the unit compactness, and also improves utilization rate of low temperature heat.



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