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Heat exchanger

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Plate & ring heat exchanger

Plate & Ring (PRHE) is a heat exchanger solution designed especially for gas applications. Plate & Ring combines the benefits of Plate & Frame and Shell & Tube heat exchangers. PRHE can either be described as a fully welded, high integrity plate heat exchanger, with no gaskets; or a generic alternative to Shell & Tube, approximately 25% of the footprint, displaying both space and weight benefits.

Using a plate pack of fully welded circular plates, within a shell (pressure vessel), Plate & Ring offers high heat transfer capacity for various applications including gas heating & cooling, exhaust gas heat recovery and steam condensers. The unique plate design of the Plate & Ring allows the inlet and the outlet of gas or air to flow from the center of the plates to the outer edge. This ensures optimal distribution, yet is highly efficient and operates with extremely low pressure drop. The special ring-plate, fully welded with no gaskets or brazing provides a compact, efficient and durable solution, for many applications that traditionally employ different types of tubular heat exchangers.




  •      No Gaskets or Brazing

         High Integrity / Total Containment

         Strong and Safe Construction

         Unique Protection and Resistance to Thermal and Pressure Cycling

         Thermally Efficient

         Compact and Low Weight

         Flexible Construction

         Proven, Reliable Technology

         Low Fouling

         Minimal Maintenance Requirement

         Close Approach Temperatures

  • Heating area per unit:  1~650m2

    Temperature:  -200~550

    Pressure: -0.1~4MPa

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