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Dimple-type fully-welded plate heat exchanger

The dimple-type fully-welded plate heat exchanger is fully welded and frame-mounted. Each plate is positioned at 90°to the adjacent one and welded. The different channels are formed depending on the profile of the plate.

The frame of the dismountable fully-welded plate heat exchanger consists of four columns, four side panels, a top plate and a base plate. All frame components are bolted and can be easily demounted. It is easy to inspect and clean the plate pack. The baffle plates are adjustable and enable the heat exchange to be adapted to the operating condition. The dimple-type fulIy-welded plate heat exchanger is rated for operating temperature of up to 400 and pressure of up to 40 bar. With the special design of plate, the dimple-type fulIy-welded plate heat exchanger can offer high heat transfer efficient and low pressure drop.

  • Performance of Low Theta

    Non-Clog Passageways (free flow)

    Low Pressure Drop

    No gaskets or brazing

    Strong and safe construction

    Thermal Efficient

    Compact and Low weight

    Flexible Construction

    Reliable Technology

  • Area:1~860m2


    Pressure: F.V.~4MPa

  •       The bubbling internally generated two swirls. The two swirls  generated  between  the  adjacent  bosomy  bubble  across  the  width  is  the  place  where strengthen the heat transfer performance. The bubbling externally can also strengthen the heat transfer performance.

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