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Block-type fully-welded plate heat exchanger

The Block-type fully-welded plate heat exchanger is fully welded and frame-mounted. Each plate is positioned at 90°to the adjacent one and welded. The different channels are formed depending on the profile of the plate.

The frame of the dismountable fully-welded plate heat exchanger consists of four columns, four side panels, a top plate and a base plate. All frame components are bolted and can be easily demounted. It is easy to inspect and clean the plate pack. The baffle plates are adjustable and enable the heat exchange to adapt to the operating condition. The Block-type fully-welded plate heat exchanger is rated for an operating temperature up to 400and a pressure up to 40 bar. It is widely used in oil industry, gas industry, chemical industry and motor industry.




  • No gaskets or brazing

    Strong and safe construction

    Thermal Efficient

    Compact and Low weight

    Flexible Construction

    Reliable Technology

    Low Fouling

    Minimal Maintenance Requirement

    Close Approach Temperature

  • Max Heat Exchange Coefficient: 4000~5000W/m2k



    Pressure: F.V.~4MPa

  • Typical case2# atmospheric & vacuum tower project of SinoPec Jiujiang Company

         SinoPec Jiujiang company is one of the largest refineries in China. Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute (SMDERI) offers 10 Block-type fully-welded plate heat exchangers to Jiujiang company, where the plate material covers Ti, 254SMO and 316L. The 10 Block-type heat exchangers are installed in atmospheric distillation and vacuum tower. All the exchangers are designed with the heat transfer area and other wetted parts in corrosion resistant material. The condensers in the vacuum tower are in Ti due to the possibility of chlorides in the vapour. The other process exchangers and the steam heaters are in stainless steel 316L and 254SMO. All the Block-type heat exchangers for atmospheric and vacuum tower are installed at high level where space is at a premium. Now all the exchangers are running with high efficiency.

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