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Pulverized coal gasifier

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Column type pulverized coal gasifier

     As a critical equipment of coal gasification unit, the column type coal gasifier is a pulverized coal gasifier with waste heat boiler flow(patent No.:200810035341.7). 

    Technical features:

    ● With the pulverized coal as raw material, the gasifier is featured by high gasification efficiency    and high cold gas efficiency (LHV).

    ● The gasifier is highly adaptable to coal type, even coal type with high ash content, high ash melting point and high sulfur content.

    ● High gasification temperature result in a carbon conversion rate up to 99% and low hydrocarbon and hydroxybenzene content in the syngas

       and thus high quality syngas is generated.

    ● The gasifier adopts water-cooled membrane wall and thus reduces the maintenance work required.

    ● The gasifier is furnished with waste heat boiler flow and handles the ash and slag separately so as to achieve a reduced water consumption.

    ● Four burners are arranged symmetrically in the same horizontal plane and single gasifier has a high capacity.

    ● The entire unit is constructed as a column and considerably reduces the difficulties and cost in the fabrication of internals and shell of the gasifier.


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