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Submerged combustion vaporizer

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Submerged combustion vaporizer

Submerged Combustion Vaporizer (SCV) is one of the most important gasification equipment applied in LNG import terminals.

The main functional routes for typical SCV system researched and designed by QIYAO ENERGY are peak shaving, supplement, and emergency handling. The LNG flows through a stainless steel tube coil that is submerged in a water bath which is heated by direct contact with hot flue gases from a submerged gas burner. Flue gas is through into the water using a distributor located under the heat transfer tubes. It is cannot use SCV unit to gasify the LNG at the winter season or cold areas because of the sea water temperature is lower, at this time we need to switch the gasification model, and it will start immediately.

The first SCV unit designed by QIYAO ENERGY is applied in Jiang Su LNG import terminal, and the capacity is 200t/h, which the quantity of gasification can adjust from 10%~100% of loading and the SCV unit can give the response when the load suddenly changed.



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