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Flare & flare gas recovery system

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Steam-assist flare

Steam-assist flare is mainly used to handle normal hydrocarbon flare gas and is the most common flare type used in oil refineries and chemical enterprises.

The basic principle of steam-assist flare is to suck a large amount of air into flame by high speed steam jet flow so as to improve the combustion process, and at the same time, steam will have water-gas reaction with carbon particles and thus contributes to prevent black smoke, maintain stable flame shape and extend the service life and etc.

Qiyao Energy has various types of steam-assist flare tips. Based on the application of nearly 100 steam assist flare, Qiyao Energy has successfully developed generation IV of steam-assist flare tip, which has obtained a patent (numbered as ZL200610118675.1) and now is widely used in large refining and chemical projects. The steam-assist flare can be used in many applications, and usually it’s required in oil refining or petrochemical projects.

  •      By controlling the Mach value at the exit of venting gas and taking advantage of the specially designed flare tip, a stable flame and higher dissolution rate can be achieved, and the venting gas can be disposed as per environmental requirements.
         Smokeless steam is jet from the top of flare tip while enough combustion-supporting air is injected. In the premise of equal steam consumption, the capacity of smokeless combustion is stronger in the use of steam-assist flare tip(Shanghai Qiyao Energy). Enough steam and air can be sent into the center area of flame with efficient designed steam plum nozzle, so the oxygen condition at the flame center area can be improved. This technology can strengthen the mixing effects of flare gas and air or steam, also the flame rigidity is strengthened, the flame length is shorter and the flame location is higher. This technology play a great role in decreasing the temperature of the top flare tip and expanding the lifetime of flare tip. The smokeless steam was jet toward the exit of flare tip by the center smoke eliminator, so the concentration of hydrocarbon in flare gas can be diluted; and also the possibility of carbonexudation can be diminished. At the same time, the elevated location of flame can avoid inner smolder of flare tip at small flow and reduce the temperature at the top of the flare tip as well.  

  • 1.Typical Project: 10Mt/y oil refining project Phase I of CNOOC Huizhou Company

    In 2008, CNOOC Huizhou Company established a new dismountable flare system for 10Mt/y oil refining project Phase I, where one common derrick was to support four sets of flare system at the same time, namely
          1# hydrocarbon flare tip, DN1600;
          2# hydrocarbon flare tip, DN1600;
          3# hydrocarbon flare tip, reserved;
          4# sour gas flare tip, DN500
         In 2015, Phase II of the project started, where CNOOC Huizhou added 3# hydrocarbon flare tip to handle hydrocarbon flare gas of Phase I and Phase II together with flare tip 1# and 2#.   


    2.Typical Project: Oil refining upgrading project of CNPC Urumchi Company

    CNPC Urumchi Company establishes an elevated flare to handle the flare gas discharged from the heavy oil catalytic unit, wax catalytic unit, small PX unit and the new large scale oil refining unit. The 100m high flare system built is a demountable elevated flare with 6 risers on one derrick support, including
           3 sets of hydrocarbon flare tip, DN800
           1 set of sour gas flare tip, DN350, (also for DN150 oxygen-contained off gas riser)
           space reserved for 2 more risers for further expansion in the future
           The design capacity of each hydrocarbon flare is 550t/h and that of sour gas flare is 12t/h. The hydrocarbon flare tip uses generation IV of smokeless flare tip, which can achieve smokeless combustion with lower steam consumption. 

    3.Typical Project: Integration project of Fujian Refining & Petrochemical Company

    Fujian Refining & Petrochemical Company initially had 3 sets of DN1800 steam-assisted flare tips supplied by other flare supplier in the refining-chemical integration project, which were put into operation in 2010. After three years of operation, Fujian Refining & Petrochemical Company found those flare tips were too badly damaged to use during the maintenance process in 2013. So they decided to use the steam-assist flare tips from SMDERI. Those flare tips have been working well since then.


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