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Flare & flare gas recovery system

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Offshore platform flare

The design of offsore platform flare is related to the oil field type, platform type and etc. Owing to special flare gas properties, working environment and utility conditions, the offshore platform flare design has distinct features. In general, sonic flare tip is widely used at offshore platforms.


  • The offshore platform flare is featured by pilots working well in strong wind, more reliable ignition system and special support and eliminates black smoke by inducing the air around the flare tip taking advantage of the pressure.

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  • •    1998: CNOOC offshore platform QK17-2, DN150

    •    1999: CNOOC offshore platform SZ36-1, DN250

    •    2002: reconstruction of BohaiMingzhu PL19-3, DN300

    •    2008: CNOOC BZ28-2S project, DN300

    •    2009: CNOOC Jinzhou JZ25-1 project

    •    2013: CNOOC Enping offshore platform DN300

    •    2013: CNOOC Qinghuangdao offshore platform 32-6, DN200

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