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Flare & flare gas recovery system

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Enclosed ground flare

Qiyao Energy has developed the enclosed ground flare technology in 2000. In the successive decade, Qiyao Energy has made continuous improvement in the technology and developed various types of enclosed ground flare system suitable for biogas, hydrogen, butadiene, dual riser, low pressure, silicomethane and other applications. With over 120 sets of enclosed ground flares installed, Qiyao Energy has provided advanced applicable solutions for the users and has become a leading ground flare technology supplier in China.

Single enclosed ground flare stack reached a capacity up to 160t/h in 2015. The capacity of our biggest enclosed ground flare is 500t/h which composed by 5 sets of flare stacks, and reaches the top level in the world.



  • In general, the enclosed ground flare consists of such main components as ground burner, pilot, igniter, flare stack, heat radiation shield and silencer. Based on the properties of various flare gas, the enclosed ground flare can also use combustion improving technologies, such as steam and forced draft.

    Compared with elevated flare system, the enclosed ground flare has such environmental features as no smoke and light pollution, low heat radiation, low noise and etc. In particular, the enclosed flare system can be arranged near the border of production plant and thus substantially reduces the land investment.

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  •    Typical case: Yantai Wanhua project

    The isocyanate integration project of Yantai Wanhua Polyurethane Co. Ltd requires a set of enclosed ground flare as a venting device for security.

    The component of exhaust gas is very complicated, which is composed of hydrocarbon, hydrogen, ammonia, aniline and etc of different combustion characteristics. Qiyao Energy takes every working conditions and physical &combustion characteristics into account, so that multiple types of burner (143 sets in total) are adopted in this project. 

       Typical caseZhejiang Weixing

    The 450,000t/y propylene project of ZheJiang Weixing Energy Co. Ltd produces flammable gas in normal, accident, emergency and abnormal cases, which is to be discharged after being burned and treated by the enclosed flare system consisting of HP system and LP system. The total design capacity of enclosed ground flare is 450t/h, where that of LP system is 90t/h and HP system 360t/h.

    This enclosed ground flare is the first ground flare system with three sets of flare stacks. The design capacity per stack is 150t/h, where that of LP system is 30t/h and HP system 120t/h.

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