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Glass (enamel) lined plate type air preheater

     Heater is a necessary equipment of the production process in petrochemical industry and the main means to increase the heater efficiency is to reduce the emission temperature. As the requirement for thermal efficiency of heaters keeps increasing in the petrochemical industry, the emission temperature of heaters tends to be further reduced. The flue gas from heaters usually contains acid component such as SO2 and SO3, and is apt to cause low temperature corrosion to the air preheater when the flue gas temperature is less than the dew point temperature of acid, where sulfuric acid is the worst. Compared with conventional air preheater, glass (enamel) lined plate type air preheater improves the heat transfer and reduces the heat loss of emission. The glass (enamel) coating applied to the heat transfer plate results in excellent resistance to the low temperature corrosion. The glass (enamel) lined plate type air preheater developed and designed by Qiyao Energy is featured by excellent resistance to the low temperature corrosion, high heat transfer coefficient and low flow resistance and can cool the heater emission to below 100.

  • High resistance to corrosion, erosion and wear, extended service life.

    Smooth surface to prevent fouling, low fouling thermal resistance.

    Lower emission temperature, high thermal efficiency of boiler

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