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Heat tube economizer

    Starting the research on heat tube technology since 1970’s, Qiyao Energy is one of the enterprises that were first engaged into the research and development of heat tube products and technical application. In the early stage, heat tube air preheaters were widely used in the heat recovery of various heaters in petrochemical enterprises. Heat tube economizer and waste heat boiler is the patent product of Qiyao Energy (Patent No.: ZL 98 224189.5) and won the second prize of scientific technology (2005ZK-055-01) of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. With the corrosion resistant jacketed heat tube developed by Qiyao Energy as the basic heat exchanging element, the product designed based on dynamic simulation of heat transfer process functions well in recovering waste heat in the flue gas and preventing low temperature corrosion. It has been successfully used to sulfur burning sulphuric acid plant generating highly corrosive flue gas containing SO3 and now is a must or heat recovery in sulfur burning sulphuric acid plant. And it also uses well in the waste heat recovery of flue gas from boilers.

  • High efficiency of heat transfer

    Uniform temperature distribution;

    Low flow resistance;

    Safe & reliable operation;

    Wall temperature subject to adjustment & control

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