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Waste heat boiler for sulfur recovery unit

     The sulfide in the crude oil or coal converts into H2S during the production process, and H2S, being hypertoxic, is extremely harmful to both human and environment and should be properly treated before being discharged. Proper sulfur recovery process not only eliminates the harm along with H2s, but also produces sulfur and thus contribute to the development of economy and the environment protection. The acid gas combustion system and offgas incineration system are vital to the sulfur recovery process. Qiyao Energy can supply complete set of acid gas combustion system and offgas incineration system required for the sulfur recovery process and design and deliver proper combustion system and waste heat boiler based on different capacity.

  • Stable and reliable combustion

    High sulfur recovery efficiency

  • Typical applicationOffgas waste heat boiler for sulfur recovery unit expansion project, CNPC Lanzhou Company

    An offgas waste heat boiler was provided for the sulfur recovery unit expansion project built by CNPC Lanzhou Company. The boiler was to produce some saturated steam and superheat some saturated steam from external source. In addition, it was to cool the offgas from around700 to310. In this way, it could reduce the energy consumption and minimize the emission. The vertical waste heat boiler was a medium temperature and pressure type with natural circulation and horizontal flue duct. The waste heat boiler fulfilled owner’s requirements on steam production, flue gas pressure drop and emission temperature and thus successfully reduced the energy consumption and the emission.

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