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Comprehensive waste heat recovery of heater

Heater in the petrochemical enterprises usually is provided with waste heat recovery equipment. However, if every individual heater is completed with such equipment separately, it will result in great waste of resources and low utilization efficiency of equipment. The comprehensive waste heat recovery technology and equipment from Qiyao Energy can recover the waste heat of flue gas from multiple heaters and convert it into high grade heat source (MP/LP steam, hot air and etc.) for the production units as desired by the owner. The technology can greatly improve the operation safety of heaters, reduce the cold air flow into the furnace and increase the efficiency of heaters.

  • Improved operation safety of heaters;

    Reduced cold air flow into furnace; increased efficiency of heaters

  • Typical applicationWaste heat recovery system reconstruction of 300000t/year fixed bed reforming unit, SinoPec Zhanjiang Dongxing Petrochemical Company Ltd.

    Based on the flue gas and steam/water parameters from the user, Qiyao Energy, after learning the operation status and site layout of the existing unit, collected the flue gas from all heaters and delivered it to the waste heat boiler to produce steam at 3.5MPa. High efficiency welded plate type air preheater was added to the end of the flue duct of the waste heat boiler to heat the combustion air for the heaters. Moreover, air blowers were added to change the natural draft to eight heater into forced draft so as to improve the operation safety of the heaters, reduce the cold air flow into the furnaces and increase the efficiency of the heaters. After the reconstruction, the emission temperature from heaters are reduced to no more than 120℃ and the thermal efficiency increased to no less than 92.5%.

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