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As an important heating device for various production units in oil refining, chemical, fertilizer, chemical fiber and other industries, heater usually consists of five subsystems, namely a radiation chamber, a convection cell, a waste heat recovery system, a combustion system and a ventilation system. Considering diversified heater types and configurations and varied medium property and technical parameters, how to design the heater in a proper way and optimized the heater structure motivates the continuous improvement of heater technology. Along with the increased scale of various production units, the heater tends to develop toward larger, modularized and energy efficient system. Through close cooperation with Chinese and international renowned engineering company and design institute, qiyao Energy incorporates the technology of waste heat recovery systems, combustion system and modularized equipment into the heater design and supplies combustion system skid, customized burner, pre-fabricated radiation section pieces and modularized convection section, which improves the product quality and reduced the construction duration. Now this technology has been successfully applied in various heater, including steam superheater for styrene unit, heater for diesel oil hydrogenation unit, start-up heater for DMTO unit and cylindrical heater for DMTO unit and obtained a good effect.


  • Typical applicationSteam superheater for 320000t/year styrene unit, CNPC Jilin Company

    Jilin Company newly built a 320000t/year styrene unit in 2012. As one of the critical equipment, the steam superheater functions to heat and re-heat the low temperature steam and produce high temperature superheated steam as required by the styrene process. The vertical steam superheater has two furnaces of square modular structure and as required, can heat the superheated steam twice. The project successfully started up on the very first try and has been working well ever since the start-up.


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