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Waste heat boiler for hydrocracking unit

With the patent technology, Qiyao Energy designed and developed a waste heat boiler with the patent structure to recover the waste heat contained in the flue gas from the hydrocracking unit and produce steam with acceptable quality. All heating surface were modularized and all pressure parts were welded and assembled in the work shop and 100% radiographic tested. The equipment were delivered as modules and installed at site. All fabrication activities were finished in the workshop, which ensured product quality, minimized site welding and thus reduced period and cost of site installation.

  • Large capacity, low flue gas resistance, high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance.

  • Typical applicationComprehensive energy-saving reconstruction of waste heat boiler for 1MT/A hydrocracking unit, SinoPec Maoming Company

    The 1MT/A hydrocracking unit of SinoPec Maoming Company included a horizontal MP waste heat boiler so as to recover the waste heat contained in the flue gas from the unit and produce and supply MP steam to the turbine and the production process of the unit. With reference to the operation of the existing waste heat boiler, Qiyao Energy carried out the comprehensive energy-saving reconstruction of the waste heat boiler as required by Maoming Company. The horizontal waste heat boiler reconstructed was a single steam drum type of medium temperature and pressure. To enhance the heat transfer and optimize the structure, the heat transfer equipment all adopted modularized structure, which also improved the quality status during the fabrication and installation process and shortened the installation period. In feedwater system, circulation return water was used to increase the feedwater temperature into the economizer to above 140℃ so as to effectively prevent low temperature corrosion at the economizer. The waste heat boiler was featured by large capacity, low flue gas resistance, high efficiency and easy operation and maintenance.

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