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Waste heat boiler for calcium carbide furnace

Calcium carbide is a basic raw material of organic chemical production. But the production process of calcium carbide will generate flue gas containing a great amount of dust with special property, therefore, despite of the benefits created, the production of calcium carbide also causes serious pollution to the environment. With regard to the high dust content of flue gas from calcium carbide furnace, Qiyao Energy has developed waste heat boiler specially for such furnace based on decades of design experience of waste heat boiler for catalytic cracking unit and successfully applied the product in many projects. The vertical boiler with single steam drum of natural circulation works in medium temperature and pressure. The hot flue gas successively flow through superheater, convective evaporator and economizer, and then flows into the bag filter after tail flue duct and fan to remove the dust.

  • Delivered as modules

    Extended service life

  • Typical applicationWaste heat boiler for waste heat generation project of Yunan Zhaotong Qihong Energy Co. Ltd.

    The project includes 7 units of waste heat boilers for calcium carbide furnace, 2 sets of 6MW condensing steam turbine generators and necessary auxiliaries. It supplies power to two neighbor calcium carbide plants and thus satisfies the urgent need of power of the companies. The multi-purpose energy comprehensive utilization project not only has excellent economic benefits by reducing the energy consumption of the calcium carbide plant, but also has outstanding environmental benefits by preventing pollution to the environment.

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