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Waste heat boiler for reforming unit

The reforming unit in the oil refining & chemical industry usually has several raw material heaters. To reduce the emission temperature from the heater and increase the thermal efficiency, waste heat boiler is to be arranged at the convection heat transfer section at the high temperature flue gas outlet in order to recover heat from the high temperature flue gas. With the patent technology “modularized fin-tube heat exchanger” (patent No.: ZL2005 2 0041753.3), Qiyao Energy product can arrange more heating surface in a limited space so as to ensure lower emission temperature below 170 and higher thermal efficiency. And the modularized fin-tube heat exchanger is quite cost effective as it is fully fabricated in the workshop, which can effectively ensure the quality and facilitate the installation process, leading to shorter installation period.

  • Delivered as modules

    High thermal efficiency

  • Typical applicationComprehensive energy-saving reconstruction of heaters for reforming unit of SinoPec Shijiazhuang Refining & Chemicals Company

    The heater zone of the reforming unit in Shijiazhuang Refining & Chemicals Company consisted of six heaters where all flue gas first flew into the convection cell before being discharged from the 60m steel chimney. All burners of the heaters were fueled by gas. Owing to insufficient area of heating surface in the existing convection cell, the emission temperature was up to 200~210℃ and the thermal efficiency was less than 88%. Based on the actual conditions, Qiyao Energy optimized and reconstructed the convection cell, including removal of original heating surface and arrangement of evaporator, superheater and economizer modules of new design. However, no modification was made to the steam/water system. The reconstruction process required less work but obtained obvious energy savings.

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