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Regenerative thermal oxidizer

The regenerative thermal oxidizer applicable for the treatment of large streams of low concentration organic waste gas with complicated composition, containing corrosive or catalyst-toxic substances, such as halogen, sulfur, phosphor, arsenic and etc., and also suitable to handle some gas with special odor that has to be eliminated by thermal oxidization. The regenerative combustion process is an advanced waste gas disposal technology featured by low energy consumption. During the process, the heat storage material absorbs and discharges heat alternately so that it can heat the waste gas to be handled and reduce the emission temperature at the same time. QIYAO ENERGY has developed the regenerative thermal oxidizer independently based on the study heat transfer performance of various heat storage materials, switching between waste gas and flue gas, thermal oxidization characteristics, process control technology and etc.

  • Requires little additional fuel and greatly reduces the consumption of additional fuel;

    Low energy consumption and best treatment;

    Optimized structure for easy operation and assured safety.

  •  Typical ProjectRegenerative thermal oxidizer for ABS unit, Tianjin Dagu Chemical Co. Ltd.




    It is the first regenerative thermal oxidizer built by Qiyao Energy.



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