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Waste gas & liquid thermal oxidizer with waste heat recovery system

Being one of the most effective units to decontaminate the toxic and harmful waste gas & liquid from production process in petrochemical industry, the thermal oxidizers are widely used in glycol unit (EO/EG),BDO/PTMEG unit, acrylonitrile unit, acryl acid unit, MMA unit, ABS unit, chlorine alkali unit, polysilicone unit, polyformaldehyde unit, propylene oxide, polyurethane unit, sulfur unit, pesticide unit and etc.

After years of technical exploration, QIYAO ENERGY has researched the characteristics of various waste gas & liquid, the dynamic field property during combustion and thermal oxidization, handling of sodium salt with low melting point, waste heat recovery, emission reduction, control system of hydrochloric acid recovery process and thermal oxidizer process, developed core products and now designed and established different types of thermal oxidizers.

  • Wide adaptability;

    effective removal of organics;

    Complemented with flue gas post-treatment system, functioning waste heat recovery and flue gas and byproducts cleaning as well.

  • Max. waste gas capacity: 430,000Nm3/h (480t/h)

    Max. waste liquid capacity: 20t/h


     Typical Project: Waste gas/liquid thermal oxidizer for BDO unit, Yizheng Chemical Fiber So. Ltd.


    With a capacity of 430,000 Nm3/h, the thermal oxidizer is the largest in China.

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