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Catalytic oxidizer

The catalytic oxidizer is to reduce the oxidative decomposition temperature of organics with the help of catalyst and thus cause the oxidation reaction of organic waste gas at lower temperature (300~400) so as to destruct harmful organic component in the waste gas and satisfy national emission requirements. Based on the waste gas flow rate, organics concentration and operation mode, the catalytic oxidizer mainly includes two types, i.e., oxidizers with electric heater and those with hot-blast stove.




  • High efficiency treatment eliminating secondary pollution and assuring acceptable emission;

    Low light-off temperature, cost effective, reasonable recovery and utilization of thermal energy, considerable energy savings and substantial economic benefits.

    Flameless combustion and multiple safety devices to ensure reliable operation and safe production of equipment.

    Compact size, small covered area and reduced cost of civil work and installation.

  •  Typical ProjectCatalytic oxidizer for flameless thermal oxidizer (FTO)


    Qiyao Energy supplied a catalytic oxidizer for the FTO system of Vopak Shanghai Logistics Co., Ltd, which is the first catalytic oxidizer of Qiyao Energy.



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