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Low-grade heat utilization device

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AHT (absorption heat transformer)

AHT aims at high temperature heat source and is applicable for petrochemical, coal chemical, inorganic chemical, rubber, polysilicon and other industries generating waste heat or requiring heat supply. Taking excess low grade waste heat from the original process system which is unable to be used directly as the medium temperature driving heat source, AHT requires no external driving heat source. With the absorption circulation technology of the unit itself, AHT can produce high temperature heat source with a temperature apparently higher than that of the low grade waste heat, which then can supply heat to the original process system or other consumers. Besides recovering the industrial waste heat, AHT also produces higher grade heat source so as to “pump” energy from low grade heat source to a high grade one and thus substantially reduce the energy consumption. What’s more, the operation process of AHT requires little energy input, therefore, it can create excellent economic and environmental benefits in terms of energy conservation and emission control.

  • Features:

    Energy saving, little energy input to the operation process

    Excellent economic and environment benefits.

  • AHT can recover low grade industrial waste heat above 70 and produce hot water of 2550 temperature increase or steam. The output of single AHT is 50010000kW and COP is 0.450.50.

  • AHP uses LiBr/H2O as working fluid and is made up of high pressure end, low pressure end and solution heat exchanger, pump and valves in between. The high pressure end consists of a generator and a condenser arranged in a casing. The low pressure end consists of an evaporator and an absorber arranged in a casing. The working principle is shown in the diagram. Driven by the low grade waste heat, the generator at the high pressure end is heated and generates steam, which condenses into liquid water in the connecting condenser. The liquid water, pressurized at the refrigerant liquid delivery pump, flows into the evaporator at the high pressure end, where it is heated by the low temperature and generates HP steam. The HP steam in the absorber is absorbed by the concentrated solution from the generator, where high temperature absorption heat is generated. The absorption heat then heats the hot water in the heat transfer tube in the absorber and thus produces high temperature water. The solution heat exchanger is to fulfill the heat exchange when the lithium bromide solution circulates at the HP and LP end.

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