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Low-grade heat utilization device

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AHP (absorption heat pump)

AHP aims at abundant medium temperature heat source and is applicable in oil, chemical, metallurgy, coal, electricity, architecture and other industries generating waste heat or requiring heat supply. AHP, with little high temperature heat source as driving energy, absorbs heat from low grade waste heat and produces a great amount of medium temperature heat source at a temperature between the low grade one and the high temperature one so as to serve as heat source for industrial or domestic heat supply.



  • AHP can efficiently recover low grade waste heat generated during the industrial production process, or even that from the surrounding environment, such as air, water, soil, etc, and produce suitable heat source for the user so as to transport energy from low grade heat source to high grade one. AHP itself requires little energy input during the operation and thus has unique advantages in energy conservation and emission control.

  • Driven by LP steam, fuel oil or gas or high temperature flue gas over 250, AHP can recover low grade waste heat at 1570. The medium temperature heat source produced is around 40 higher than low grade heat source and has a relatively high thermal load. The COP (coefficient of performance) is 1.61.85. 

  • AHP uses LiBr/H2O as working fluid and is made up of high pressure end, low pressure end and solution heat exchanger, pump and valves in between. The high pressure end consists of a generator and a condenser arranged in a casing. The low pressure end consists of an evaporator and an absorber arranged in a casing. The working principle is shown in the diagram. Driven by the high temperature waste heat, the generator at the high pressure end is heated and generates steam, which condenses into liquid water in the connecting condenser. The liquid water, depressurized at the throttle, flows into the evaporator at the low pressure end and absorbs the low grade waste heat to generate LP steam. The LP steam in the absorber is absorbed by the concentrated solution from the generator, where high temperature absorption heat is generated. The absorption heat then heats the hot water in the heat transfer tube in the absorber and thus produces medium temperature water. The solution heat exchanger is to fulfill the heat exchange when the lithium bromide solution circulates at the HP and LP end.

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