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Low-grade heat utilization device

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Low-temperature heat power generation unit (ORC power generation unit)

Low-temperature heat power generation unit can convert the low grade heat of 80-200℃ into power at utmost and supply power to the user without additional fuel consumption. With organics of low boiling point as working fluid, the unit operating in ORC cycle heats the media with low grade heat and produces steam to turn the steam turbine and generate power, and thus eventually complete the thermoelectric conversion of the low-grade heat.

        The low grade power generation unit not only is applied for low-grade heat recovery in petrochemical, steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, dyeing, sugar and other industries, but also serves as the basal cycle of solar thermal power generation, geothermal power generation and internal combustion engine/gas turbine power generation system so as to maximize efficient cascade utilization of energy.

The unit is made of evaporator, working fluid pump, condenser, expander and generator.

  •     Features:

    Stable operation, easy operation, low operating cost, highly automated.

    Applicable source of low-grade heat

    1waste hot water at 80-200

    2geothermal well water at 80-200

    3process flow at 80-200 to be cooled

    4low pressure steam of 1-5bar

    5medium/low grade flue gas at 150-400

  • Typical applicationWaste heat power generation station, low-temperature hot water ORC power generation project, SinoPec Jiujiang Company

           In the petrochemical industry, there is a great amount of low-grade waste heat at 95℃, which mostly is barely cooled and wasted. SinoPec Jiujiang Company anticipates plenty of low grade hot water in the 8MT/A oil quality upgrading project and builds a waste heat power station with the low-grade heat power generation technology from Qiyao Energy to deal with the hot water produced by the process units and systems in the plant. The waste heat power station includes a 1.6MW low-temperature hot water power generation unit based on ORC technology with an impeller type expander. 



    This waste heat power station is the first megawatt scale ORC power station with impeller type expander and all devices and components are made by Chinese suppliers. The successful operation of this power station will reduce the energy consumption of oil refining plant of oil refineries and create conspicuous economic and social benefits.


  • The ORC power generation unit is made up of evaporator, expander, generator, condenser and working fluid pump. During operation, the liquid organic working fluid of low boiling point, when pressurized by the working fluid pump, enters the evaporator (low-temperature waste heat supply) and is heated and evaporated. The working fluid vapor produced flows to the expander, turns the impeller and drives the generator to generate power. The LP vapor after work then flows into the condenser and condenses to liquid again, which is returned to the working fluid pump. In this way, a complete working cycle is established.

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