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Major project introduction

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    case:Shell pulverized coal gasification burner
    Typical case:Yunnan Yuntianhua Co. Ltd.260,000 tons methanol water-rich water coal gasification reconstruction project

    In May 2009, SMDERI was selected to supply the gasifier burners for the pulverized coal gasifier in the reconstruction project of 260,000 tons of methanol project of Shuifu, Yuntianhua Company. This is the first time for Yuntianhua to use the domestic burners instead of imported ones. In November 2010, SMDERI delivered the package of all eight pulverized coal burners and two sets of spare burner heads. Up till now, our burners has been running very well. Their long life span, steady performance and the high syngas production have all greatly surpassed similar imported products, which greatly demonstrates the outstanding performance of SCGP burner supplied by SMDERI.

    The success of this project is an important application of domestic SCGP burner. Compared to similar imported products, the burners developed by SMDERI have great advantage in terms of syngas production and burner lifespan. This shows the excellent performance of our products. And after several years of continuous development, it has been highly competitive on the market.

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      case:Coal water slurry burner
      Typical case:Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. 1960t/d multi-nozzle CWS gasifier burner

      The methanol plant of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co. Ltd. has three sets of 1960t/d multi-nozzle CWS gasifier. Each is provided with four CWS gasification burner. From July 2013, the R&D center of Shenhua Ningxia Coal and our burner project department cooperate with each other to develop a new gasifier burner. Through continuous optimization, the lifespan of the CWS burnder is significantly improved and achieves the desired results.

      Through this project, SMDERI has greatly improved the R&D capability in the burner development, accumulated experience and enhanced our position and influence in the industry.

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        case:Combined pulverized coal burner
                Typical case:Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd.2000t/d and 2200t/dgasifiers reconstruction project

      The 4 million tons of coal liquefaction project of the Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group has 28 gasifiers in total. SMDERI  supplied combined burners for four Ningmei gasifiers and also localized combined burner to replace the imported burners on remaining 24 gasifiers.