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Major project introduction

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    case:Regenerative thermal oxidizer
    Typical case:Regenerative thermal oxidizer for ABS unit, Tianjin Dagu Chemical Co. Ltd.

    It is the first regenerative thermal oxidizer built by Qiyao Energy.


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    case:Catalytic oxidizer
    Typical case:Catalytic oxidizer for flameless thermal oxidizer (FTO)

    Qiyao Energy supplied a catalytic oxidizer for the FTO system of Vopak Shanghai Logistics Co., Ltd, which is the first catalytic oxidizer of Qiyao Energy.


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    case:aste gas/liquid thermal oxidizer
    Typical case:Waste gas/liquid thermal oxidizer for BDO unit, Yizheng Chemical Fiber So. Ltd.

    With a capacity of 430,000 Nm3/h, the thermal oxidizer is the largest in China.