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Major project introduction

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    case:Steam-assist flare
    Typical case:10Mt/y oil refining project Phase I of CNOOC Huizhou Company

          In 2008, CNOOC Huizhou Company established a new dismountable flare system for 10Mt/y oil refining project Phase I, where one common derrick was to support four sets of flare system at the same time, namely
          1# hydrocarbon flare tip, DN1600;
          2# hydrocarbon flare tip, DN1600;
          3# hydrocarbon flare tip, reserved;
          4# sour gas flare tip, DN500
          In 2015, Phase II of the project started, where CNOOC Huizhou added 3# hydrocarbon flare tip to handle hydrocarbon flare gas of Phase I and Phase II together with flare tip 1# and 2#.

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    case:Coal chemical industry syngas flare
    Typical case:680000t/h coal-based new material project 

    In 680000t/h coal-based new material project, Shenhua Xinjiang delivered the flare gas from 5 sets of flare gas pipe network to 3 sets of flare systems, namely the hydrogen rich flare, heavy hydrocarbon flare and sour gas flare on one common derrick support. The flare system is 150m high.



    Design Capacity


    Hydrogen rich



    Diffusion with an1nular burner

    Hydrocarbon heavy LP



    Steam-assist flare

    Sour gas



    Acid with annular burner

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     case:Natural gas flare
    Typical case:Ningxia HANAS elevated flare

    Ningxia HANAS New Energy Group Natural Gas Co., Ltd requires one set of flare system as a venting device for security in the LNG project. The 115m high flare system consists of a Dry flare (A-1701) and a Wet flare (A-1702).



    Design Capacity


    Dry flare



    Air assisted flare

    Wet flare


    122760 kg /h

    Air assisted flare

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    case:Forced draft assist flare
    Typical case:Propane tank project of Vopak Bohai (Tianjin)

    Vopak Bohai PetroChemical (Tianjin) Storage Co. Ltd requires a set of ground flare system for Phase II project (Propane Tank). This project lacks steam supply, so the ground flare system adopts forced draft by air blower.

    This is the first ground flare system with air assist in China. It has been running well ever since it was put into operation in 2009 and the emission satisfies national environment requirements.



    Design Capacity


    Enclosed ground flare


    Burners19 sets


    Forced draft assist flare


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    case:Demountable multi-riser elevated flare
    Typical case:8MT/y oil refining project of Hainan Shihua


    The demountable flare system with multiple risers on one common derrick for 8,000,000t/y oil refinery project of Hainan Shihua is the first demountable common derrick multi-riser elevated flare system designed, fabricated and constructed completely in China. Moreover, the demountable flare system was successfully dismantled and reassembled at the overhaul interval.

    The flare system built for HaiNan Shihua was put into use in May, 2006. In December, 2009, during the overhaul of all equipment in HaiNanShihua, LP flare was smoothly dismantled for inspection while the HP flare and sour gas flare were still in operation.

    The height of demountable flare system is 130m, which is composed of three sets of flares arranged at the vertical side of the derrick.



    Design Capacity


    High pressure flare



    Low pressure flare



    Sour gas flare



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    case:Enclosed ground flare
    Typical case:Yantai Wanhua project


    The isocyanate integration project of Yantai Wanhua Polyurethane Co. Ltd requires a set of enclosed ground flare as a venting device for security.

    The component of exhaust gas is very complicated, which is composed of hydrocarbon, hydrogen, ammonia, aniline and etc of different combustion characteristics. Qiyao Energy takes every working conditions and physical &combustion characteristics into account, so that multiple types of burner (143 sets in total) are adopted in this project.

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    case:Open ground flare
    Typical case:Ningbo Heyuan project


    This project is the first open ground flare with independent intellectual property in China. The flare system for Ningbo Heyuan Chemicals Co. Ltd (now Ningbo Fude) methanol-to-olefins project includes a HP open ground flare and a LP enclosed ground flare.

    The design capacity of open ground flare is 1062t/h, and the design capacity of enclosed ground flare is 110t/h. The battery limit of the entire flare system is 170m×190m.