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Qiayo Energy

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Founded in April, 2014, Shanghai Qiyao Thermal Energy Engineering Co. Ltd. (Qiyao Energy) was reformed from Energy Equipment Division of Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute as a whole, and with energy saving and air pollutants control equipment as the principal business, Qiyao Energy is devoted to the research and development of energy-saving and air pollutants control equipment.

Qiayo Energy provides critical technologies and products of energy comprehensive utilization, energy saving and emission control that are widely applied in oil, chemical, coal, shipbuilding and other industries and supply such technical services as critical technical design, package equipment, system integration, EPC service and so on in the form of customized technical solution so as to bring better economic and social benefits for the users.

Currently Qiyao Energy has 230 employees, including 8 professors, 40 with senior titles and 80 of medium titles. 82% of the employees have obtained a degree no inferior to bachelor and 51% no inferior to master. The company has 24 patents in force and has won the non-marine business innovation awards of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation for several times.

With the strong technical team and excellent project management, Qiyao Energy has established a good reputation in the energy saving and emission control field. The flare systems, boilers, burners, heat exchangers, low grade heat power generation units developed by Qiyao Energy have reached leading level in China and are applied the engineering project in petrochemical, energy, machinery and other industries all over China. Qiyao Energy products boast a market share increasing every year.

The strategic objective of Qiyao Energy is to be the leading company in the field of energy saving and emission control equipment in China.