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Address3111 huaning road, minhang district of Shanghai






l  Flare & flare gas recovery system

The contactWenJie Xi  021-51151368  13564881470  


l  Boiler

The contactChuanKai Li  021-51151369  13761713845  


l  Incinerator

The contactShangWen Wang  021-51151129  18616580428  


l  Burner

The contactYi Su  021-31310275  13062886875  


l  Heat exchanger

The contactSong Wang  021-31310267  18621573227  


l  Low-grade heat utilization device

The contactHao Huang  021-31310269  13816753787  


l  Pulverized coal gasifier

The contactHuiChun Zhu  021-31310249  15601976234  


l  Submerged combustion vaporizer

The contactChao Guo  021-51151103  13918931862  


l  Vapor recovery unit

The contactYongQuan Fu  021-51151102  13636619864  


l  Methanator waste heat boiler

The contactHuiChun Zhu  021-31310249  15601976234